Council has 4 Waste Transfer and Recycling Centres (Inverloch, Grantville, Wonthaggi and Cowes). There can be a landfill on the Grantville web site where private contractors can dispose of larger portions of waste.It is the duty of importers and exporters to make sure they do not import or export prohibited items akin to asbestos. We must be assure… Read More

CCF Victoria not too long ago placed a narrative in E-News concerning the latest implementation of the WorkSafe Asbestos Cement (AC) Water Pipe Management Guideline.For extra information on asbestos-associated issues handled by the Department of Health & Human Services contact them on 1300 761 874 or visit the Department of Health & Human Services… Read More

How to Identify Asbestos Ceiling Tiles. Asbestos was extensively used in residence development till the Nineteen Seventies when the substance was positively recognized as a major health Asbestos: an Introduction: How to Identify Asbestos. The phrase asbestos has origin in Greek tradition, where its root word was used to indicate unquenchable” pro… Read More

Existing Members & Customers: First visit here? We have already created an account for you. Please request a new password and comply with the account activation instructions.The lungs contain air sacks called alveoli. The alveoli are the sites the place oxygen is absorbed into the blood and carbon dioxide is faraway from the blood. Your body's resp… Read More

Asbestos is the title given to a gaggle of naturally occurring rock minerals which have been shown to be dangerous to human health. The fibres are sturdy, heat resistant and have pure insulating properties. Asbestos was used extensively in building products in Australia. All use, import or manufacture of asbestos was banned fully in Australia by 20… Read More